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Diablery – ‘Candles’

Saturnal Records
Emperor, Anima Sementis, Arcturus, Mgła, Limbonic Art
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Saturnal Records
Black Metal

These days, black metal is global worldwide phenomenon as the genre has spread to the darkest cranny of every corner of the world. One band who have taken their flag and planted it into the ancient soil of Attica are Diablery who back for the first time since their 2014 debut album with their sophomore studio album ‘Candles’.

                Back in 2014, Diablery hit the ground running with a superb release, but with ‘Candles’, the Greek black metallers take things to the next level with an absolute beast of an album. Without ever overstaying its welcome, ‘Candles’ takes an intense sound of pure black metal, as pummelling tremolo riffs, rapid blast beats and demonic shrieks provide an album which is absolutely nigh on perfectly executed. Through tracks such as ‘Sanguine Emissions of Aeonic Ecstasy’, ‘The Core That Burns Forever’ and ‘The Earth Covered My Face’ ‘Candles’ shows a band utilising all the dynamics and power of bands like Emperor, Panzerfaust and Abigor. Although this is delivered through a wall of noise production, it is absolutely honed to a sharp blade which cuts through the mix like a razor blade which continues to keep the listener thoroughly engaged.                

For those who really like their black metal delivered properly, then ‘Candles’ is the fantastic example of what the genre can offer in the 2020’s. It is guttural, it is visceral and for those fans of the genre who like their black metal done right then Diablery deliver it on a silver platter.

"‘Candles’ is the fantastic example of what the genre can offer in the 2020’s"

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