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Electric Callboy – ‘Tekkno’

Century Media Records
We Butter The Bread With Butter, Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, CueStack
Release Date
September 16, 2022
Century Media Records
Electronicore/Metalcore/Melodic Metalcore/Post Hardcore

Electric Callboy: where do you even start? The mad collective of Metalcore/Dance purveyors from Castrop-Rauxel are back to make everyone dance along with a nervous laugh as they wonder why it sounds so good, this time with new vocalist and fellow maniac Nico Sallach. 

And; surprise surprise, it’s absolutely insane, full of moments where listening as a metal fan gets very confusing, as you realise slowly that you’re listening to 80s Dance-a-cise music. Kevin’s inhuman death-growls lead you back into familiarity often enough though, making this an album that becomes addictively fun to listen to. It essentially acts as a giant middle finger to the trend of popular Metal becoming all serious (not that it’s necessarily a bad thing), and as a welcome break from all the worries of the world wherever you are.

Let’s not get out of hand though. Objectively, this shouldn’t be a ‘good’ album. It’s filled with cliché metalcore moments, dance music, and ‘Fuckboi’ is, at times, close to modern chart music. It’s a deeply strange series of songs, and without the energy and enjoyment of the band showing through, could have been in danger of falling a little flat. Lucky, then, that Electric Callboy are fronted by Nico and Kevin, and backed up by equally mad musicians Daniel, Pascal, Daniel and David, because with their boundless energy and penchant for madness, this album is pure entertainment, and one to listen to on repeat for many weeks; and I’m sure you all will.

"Total, unchained fun"

Come on in!

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