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Terra | Atmospheric Black Metal in Four Phases

From Cambridge, England Terra brings primal and uncompromising music. Their upcoming album ‘Für Dich Existiert Das Alles Nicht’ is a journey of struggle, crescendo, and even possibly serenity.

Welcome to Metal Digest! Thank you for speaking with us.

Ryan: No problem, thanks for having me.

The album title is German and roughly translates to “For you none of this exists” can you elaborate on the meaning and why did the band choose to title the album in German?

Ryan: I think I saw it graffitied on a wall in Munich a few years ago and made a note of it, though my German isn’t fantastic it stuck with me and I sort of used it as a loose theme for the album.

The first song on the album is called ‘The Beginning’, followed by ‘Verisimilitude’ which means “the appearance of being true” and then comes ‘Gelbwerdend’ which means “Yellowing”. Finally, the album concludes with ‘The End My End’. This finale ends with a serene piano passage and birds chirping. Is this record a concept album about grappling with the meaning of our lifetime?

Ryan: What it means to me and what it means to you are ultimately different and therein lies the beauty of the medium, the journey we undertake to reach this conclusion gives it meaning, it gives it impact. Music can reproduce our innermost self and bring forth our emotions, we tie music to events in our lives in which it gains significance, to explicitly lay out its meaning robs the listener of this passage.  

Are the birds chirping signifying an acceptance of “the end” and/or a return to nature upon death?

Ryan: Again, what the birdsong means to me is different to what it means to Luke or to Scuz and indeed yourself, why should I impose my meaning on you when there are many interpretations to be had.

Existentialism seems to be a common theme. Are you all motivated by the impermanence of life?

Ryan: It’s not for me to speak for what motivates the other guys but certainly the temporary nature of existence should be a great motivator for all of us, it should drive us and force us not to recoil from life seeking some fantastical spiritual awakening but to use our will to power this time that we have and shape our own meaning.

The vocals on this album are sparse but when they are present they are mixed back in the mix and it’s a sound of anguish. Is part of the meaning of the album represented by this choice to have fewer vocals?

We’ve always used vocals as a texture, they’ve never been intended to sit at the forefront of the band. The vocals in Terra are purposefully lacking clear enunciation so as to obfuscate the lyrics and to draw focus away from any perceived frontman or singer and to redirect towards the composition as a whole.

Thank you again for your time. Before we close can we expect a tour in support of the album and what countries would you like to hit?

We hope to do so, we’re hoping to figure out the logistics of European shows in this post-Brexit hellscape in which we find ourselves inhabiting.

Thank you kindly, I’m Jon Barbas for Metal Digest and Terra can be found at these links…

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