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Band: KOMA

Genre: Melodic Metalcore

For Fans Of: System of a Down, Black Label Society, Trivium, Monuments, Periphery

Short Bio:

We are KOMA; a metal band from Northern Ireland. We are releasing our first single, “The Betrayed” on Sunday 18 September. Our aim is to write music that is heavy, interesting and catchy. We come from a wide range of genres and influences musically. Mick and James (guitars) play dynamic, fast, intricate parts, counterpointed by Fling (bass), Ellis (drums) and Niall (vocals), who add elements of groove, making the listener feel that “swing” that is often missing from metal. One of KOMA’s distinctive features is the use of soulful and bluesy vocals over a modern metal sound. We also write complex and layered vocal arrangements, utilising heavy and clean sounds. But there’s elements in there which we hope music fans will have fun discovering and deciding for themselves what they like.

A Note from the Band:

Although we come from different genres, we share a songwriting and performance philosophy; that music is to be composed, practiced and performed with passion and respect. With KOMA, you always get people producing and performing to the highest standard they can muster and we really think that passion comes across. Over 2022 and 2023 you’ll see us release our first batch of singles and gig a tonne. We hope to see and meet you along the way.

The Band Online:

Instagram: @koma_official_ni


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