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Lunarian – ‘Burn the Beauty’

Frontiers Records
Sirenia, Tristania, Nightwish, Her Chariot Awaits, Trail of Tears
Release Date
Frontiers Records
Symphonic Metal

When symphonic metal is mentioned, the mind automatically wanders to Nightwish, but equally up there in the pantheon of the genre are Sirenia. One vocalist who has passed through Sirenia’s ranks is Ailyn as the current Trail of Tears vocalist teams up with current Sweet Oblivion members Aldo Lonobile and Antonio Agate to form Lunarian with their debut album ‘Burn the Beauty’.

                With a vocal talent like Ailyn and musicianship such as Lonobile and Agate as well as members of Agarthic and Sunstorm, the listener automatically knows that they are in the company of some real aptitude. If there is an exercise in how to create a symphonic album, then ‘Burn the Beauty’ is it, not only does Ailyn show just how versatile her voice can be with a tonality which takes in not just symphonic, but also gothic to full on opera, but demonstrates that Lunarian are masters of their craft with tracks such as ‘Dream Catcher’, ‘Never Ending Circle’ and ‘Bleeding Out’ having all the appeal and enjoyability of Sirenia, Tristania and early Nightwish.

                This does mean that yes, there isn’t anything here that the listener hasn’t heard already, and it delivers exactly what it says on the tin, so don’t expect anything other than symphonic metal. However, ‘Burn the Beauty’ is marvellously produced to a high quality, features some bloody good tracks and sets Lunarian up for a fruitful career.

"'Burn the Beauty' sets Lunarian up for a fruitful career"

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