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Blackment – ‘Plains of Oblivion’

Inverse Records
Symphony X, Sons of Apollo, Allen/Lande, Sunburst, Jorn, Russell Allen's Atomic Soul, Axel Rudi Pell
Release Date
September 9, 2022
Inverse Records
Melodic Heavy Metal

                In near enough the last decade, Symphony X have done practically anything except sit down and record a studio album (‘Underworld’ none withstanding). Who knows when Russell Allen, Michael Romeo and co. are actually going to start up again? In lieu of this, those who like their melodic metal have been forced to look elsewhere to get their fix with one such band being Blackment as the Finns release their debut album ‘Plains of Oblivion’.

                With Symphony X in mind, the listener knows what they are going to be getting with ‘Plains of Oblivion’. This is an excellent sounding album which has all the hallmarks of a rawer Symphony X. Yes, it doesn’t have that big, huge production that is placed upon Symphony X, but this definitely doesn’t stop ‘Plains of Oblivion’ from being an excellent debut album with tracks such as ‘Maw of the Dread’, ‘Northern Lights’ and ‘Remnants Astray’ show a band with virtuoso musicianship with not only nods to Symphony X but also Evergrey and Sons of Apollo. Furthermore, this is enhanced by the new vocals of Sami Vuorenheimo who demonstrates an absolute masterclass in how to deliver melodic metal.

                ‘Plains of Oblivion’ is a fantastic debut album, there is plenty to build from, but this band is a rising star in the melodic metal scene and any fan of the genre should head out and check out this release.  

"this band is a rising star in the melodic metal scene"

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