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Allen/Olzon – ‘Army of Dreamers’

Frontiers Records
Heart Healer, Anette Olzon, Kiske / Somerville, Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall, Russell Allen
Release Date
September 9, 2022
Frontiers Records
Melodic Metal

Following the dissolution of Allen/Lande, Adrenaline Mob going on hold and Symphony X seemingly doing anything but recording an album, it left fans of Russell Allen scratching their heads as to what would come next. That next plan was team up with former Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon as Allen/Olzon with the duo releasing their sophomore album ‘Army of Dreamers’.

                With ‘Army of Dreamers’, Russell Allen and Anette Olzon pick up where exactly where they left off with ‘Worlds Apart’, once again utilising the songwriting and musicianship prowess of Magnus Karlsson alongside their own skills to create a decent album of melodic heavy metal. Once again, this means that Allen’s rasping voice is traded off against Olzon’s soaring operatic voice which creates an interesting vocal dynamic where tracks such as ‘Carved into Stone’, ‘Are We Really Strangers’ and the title track are really allowed to lay themselves bare. As always, this latest release from Allen/Olzon is wrapped up in a fantastic production which compliments every note flawlessly with none of the tracks outstaying their welcome.

                Ok, in the modern era, there are plenty of albums like this cropping up all over the place. However, ‘Army of Dreamers’ is delivered with a real panache to it as two of metal’s most overlooked vocalists go head-to-head once more and come out on top.

"‘Army of Dreamers’ is delivered with a real panache"

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