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Vindicator – ‘Communal Decay’ (Reissue)

No Life Til Metal Records
Megadeth, Metallica, Exodus, Testament, Havok
Release Date
September 2, 2022
No Life Til Metal Records
Thrash Metal

                Vindicator are a band which have battered on the door of thrash metal greatness for nearly 20 years now with a career which has whipped up frenzied mobs into conducting the toxic waltz throughout the world. Last year saw the Ohio thrashers release their fourth studio album ‘Communal Decay’ as a digital release and now, this year has that album finally getting a much-needed physical release on CD and vinyl.

                For those who like to collect their music physically, then this version of ‘Communal Decay’ certainly offers a great chance to add this to your collection. Yes, just like that digital version of ‘Communal Decay’, this reissue will be released via No Life Til Metal Records and will be strictly limited edition therefore, for those who wish to acquire a copy will have to grab it from the band themselves which you can check out at the link below at the bottom of this article. Furthermore, the vinyl version of ‘Communal Decay’ will come with a full colour lyric insert to peruse.

                The sad thing is this is that ‘Communal Decay’ is a limited edition, it does deserve so much more because this is a decent album of old school sounding thrash, so if you’re looking to grab a decent album of underground thrash, then go and grab a copy before they run out and you’re back to digital again.

"a decent album of underground thrash finally on CD and vinyl"

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