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Mvll Crimes | staying humble, being courteous to bar staff and to the sound person…

On September 9th London, Ontario’s cutest band MVLL CRIMES are releasing their debut album “YOU EMBVRRVSS ME” via Cursed Blessings Records. We grabbed the opportunity to have a chat with the band.

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Every band comes into the industry with the hopes to make it to the end, but some obviously struggle once they arrive. How is the beginning of your career as professional musicians so far? Any words of wisdom?

I am flattered to be even considered a ‘professional musician’, beginning or otherwise! I am a firm believer in Satan the concept of ‘putting your hours in’ – stay on top of show inquiries, arrive on time, and play as often and as well as possible. Always be courteous to bar staff and to the sound person. In terms of ‘words of wisdom’: stay humble. Not everyone is going to like you or your band, but be grateful whenever someone takes the time to come see you or to tell you they enjoyed your set.

Now that your debut album “YOU EMBVRRVSS ME” is about to be released, do you feel that it is exactly as you imagined it to be?  When you started creating this piece of work, did you already have a clear vision of the end result?

With any collaborative project, the end result can’t be any one person’s vision. You have to be able to compromise to a certain degree – not in terms of quality, but in recognizing the difference in opinion amongst your bandmates and how you can meet them halfway. With all MVLL CRIMES projects, it’s important for me to seek input from every member of the band. I think you care more about things when your opinion is respected and when your feedback is taken into consideration. I knew I wanted to make great music and write songs about things that resonate with me, so in that sense I feel the original vision matches the end result.

What would you say was the hardest part?

The vinyl shortage! We recorded these songs with the wonderful Kyle Ashbourne at the Sugar Shack in the summer of 2021. We released our first single from YOU EMBVRRVSS ME on June 17, 2022 – almost a year after they had been recorded! In some ways, this unavoidable delay was a blessing in disguise – I think when we play these songs live, they sound even better than the recordings, and the recordings are very, very good.

What would you say was your proudest moment?

I can’t claim any single moment has been my proudest. 2022 has been an amazing year so far, especially after two years of so much uncertainty (not to mention fully masked band practices). I am very proud of how tight we sound and that we are constantly trying to improve our sets. Anytime someone has come up after our set and said this was their first show, or that they came for another band but they really liked us – those are always proud moments.

You have played an incredible amount of shows across Ontario just this year including multiple dates in London, Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph and more. Any interesting or juicy backstage stories?

We had the pleasure of opening for Propagandhi for two nights back in May. Evan (drums) tried to take some of their beer, but I told him not to and he put them back. We played the Mount Elgin Library and Community Centre back in June – excellent show. The headliner that night was Comeback Kid and incredible doesn’t even begin to capture their set – so much energy, such a connection with the crowd. I got knocked over almost as soon as CBK started playing and like three people rushed over to help me up. Great people in Mount Elgin.

What’s one thing you love about your generation?

I am a millennial and one thing I love about this generation is our DIY ethic. Millennials, younger Gen-X and Generation Z are all acutely aware of stagnating wages combined with an increased cost of living. I think we are all very good at making due with what we have, and pooling resources when we don’t have enough.

What happens when a music trend dies?

I’m not sure music trends ever really die – I feel every trend has components of what came before it. Last time I studied art movements was high school, but I remember learning that art movements are a reaction to what came before. In a sense,music trends are perpetually being adapted or improved or embellished or stripped down into something else.

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Photo credit: Oshi Rathnayake

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