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Trauma – ‘Awakening’

Massacre Records
Heretic, Flotsam and Jetsam, Chastain, Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Exciter, Savage Grace, Hexx
Release Date
September 9, 2022
Massacre Records
Power/Speed Metal

There are some bands which pass into heavy metal history through being a proxy of once containing a soon to be famous member. One such band are Trauma, who once counted amongst their ranks a certain Cliff Burton, but since reforming in 2013, Trauma have released a steady stream of studio albums, the latest of which ‘Awakening’ has been released this year.

                Ok, Cliff Burton may have been mentioned, but dispel any thoughts of Metallica and that early thrash metal sound because what Trauma deliver with ‘Awakening’ is a power/speed metal beast. Through galloping bpm’s and soaring vocals carrying a harsh undercurrent, ‘Awakening’ is an album where tracks such as ‘Voodoo’, ‘Death Machine’ and ‘Death of the Angel’ show a band delivering an excellent album which has all the hallmarks of Iced Earth, Heretic and Judas Priest. The musicianship is second to none here, this is superb stuff and enhanced further by the fantastic voice of new vocalist Brian Allen who cements his place within Trauma with a performance that would have Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens wondering whether he recorded it himself.

                For those fans of power/speed metal, we all know what that Iced Earth sound is like, but in lieu of Iced Earth or 3 Inches of Blood existing anymore, it’s time for bands like Trauma to fill that void and ‘Awakening’ does this excellently and any fan of this genre should grab a copy.

"a fantastic album of power/speed metal"

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