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Resistance – ‘Skulls of My Enemy’

Pure Steel Records
Iced Earth, Jag Panzer, Mystic Prophecy, Angel Dust, 3 Inches of Blood
Release Date
Pure Steel Records
Power/Thrash Metal

When Iced Earth imploded in 2020 following the Capitol Riots in the USA, it was like a light had gone out in the thrash/power metal world. But there was never any need to worry as Resistance have got your back ready to slip straight into that void as the Californian band release their latest album ‘Skulls of My Enemy’.

                It may have been five years since Resistance last graced our speakers, but ‘Skulls…’ drives forward like 2017 was yesterday. This is an absolutely barnstorming album of thrash/power metal delivered in just the way we like it as Resistance combine driving, aggressive riffage with rasping powerful vocals which easily take centre stage the second they arrive. Through superb tracks such as ‘Nordic Witch’, ‘Awaken the Necromancer’ and the fantastic ‘Earthshaker’, Resistance show that they are on top form as a quality production allows for this album to have all the resonance of not only Iced Earth, but also Jag Panzer and Mystic Prophecy as they create some real thrash/power metal which demonstrates that this band are on top of their game.

                By this point, we all know what thrash/power metal sounds like and although ‘Skulls…’ doesn’t exactly push any boundaries, it is a solid example of what Resistance are fully capable of and any fan of the genre should get hold of a copy because it will not disappoint.

"a solid example of what Resistance are fully capable of"

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