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I Am – ‘Eternal Steel’

MNRK Heavy
Creeping Death, Decapitated, Disgrace, Crater Lake, Flesh Tomb, Mongrel
Release Date
September 9, 2022
MNRK Heavy
Death/Groove Metal

                It isn’t unheard of for bands to go through stylistic changes and when you sit back and think about it, it is quite a common occurrence. One band who began their career playing deathcore before moving towards one which encompassed a more technical death metal and groove metal sound are I Am and this year has the Texan band delivering their latest album ‘Eternal Steel’.

                ‘Eternal Steel’ may be coupled with the best album cover that Eternal Champion or Manilla Road never had, but that is where any similarity stops. What I Am deliver with this album is a full-frontal assault of grooving death metal which has all the enjoyability of the modern death metal scene. Through complex polyrhythms and crushing riffage, ‘Eternal Steel’ gets its point across as classic metal guitar solos suddenly spring to life with the full thunder of death metal whilst still managing to keep that foot stomping beat with tracks such as ‘Queen Incarnate’, ‘Price of Pain’ and ‘Surrender to the Blade’ have all the appeal of Decapitated, Creeping Death and Disgrace whilst even reaching to the likes of Crater Lake and Flesh Tomb.

                This is the sound of I Am forever moving away from that deathcore sound and good riddance, there’s a million bands that have that sound and now ‘Eternal Steel’ has the band consolidating their sound and finally finding their own identity in a world which is ripe for their picking.

"I Am find the world ripe for their picking"

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