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Box’s First Time

Welcome to Metal Digest!

For the first time ever a music magazine is diving into your first times. Well, there’s a first for everything.

Today we are hosting: box

First thing you do in the morning:

inspect and water my plants, let my bud’s dogs out, piss with them in the yard, cut and tie herb bundles, pray to Freyr, eat a big mac.

The first time you realized you wanted to be a musician:

I still don’t want to be a musician. Please make me stop.

The first album you fell in love with:

probably an ELO or Queen record, couldn’t tell you which one (because greatest hits don’t count!)

Your first treasured piece of music equipment:

my dad found a boom box that could record audio from a tiny microphone and my buddies and I would scream with laughter as we listened back to our farts on tape and it was all downhill from there.

The first time you met a music idol:

I ran into Carlos Rodriguez of Boom Boom Kid in Barcelona a few years ago and he’s an absolute gentleman, I adore that guy. Whenever I see Amber from Jucifer she has to hear the same story I tell her every time I see her, which is how the Lambs EP blew my car speakers not once, but twice during the summer of 2002. Still haven’t met Nina Hagen, Diamanda Galas, Quincy Jones, or Demon Kogure but there’s still time!

Your first YouTube video:

 My first uploaded video to YouTube? Are you sure? Ok, you asked:

The first person you text when you are in trouble:

The first thing you do after wrapping a live show:

Run to the merch booth or the exit, or awkwardly and uncomfortably talk to people while I’m trying to tear down.

The first thing you’ll do after completing this interview:

I’m recording a band as I answer these, so probably some light mixing and a 5k run to get my head ready for some late night After Effects tutorials, then snort some fent and scream at buildings.

Connect with the band:

I just had hats and shirts made, check ‘em out:

Thank you for the wonderful interview.

Until we meet again,

Chelf on behalf of Metal Digest.

Come on in!

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