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Whitespade – ‘Whitespade’

Independent Release
Motörhead, Venom, Midnight, Iron Fist, Speedwolf, Gehennah
Release Date
Independent Release
Heavy/Speed Metal/Hard Rock

At some point in the early 80’s, Motörhead and Venom produced some dirty bastard offspring, and they grew up to be Midnight. This band lived the life of fucking speed, darkness and booze, but Athenar was never just content with just this and therefore, this year has seen the Midnight man step into his Motörhead fantasies with Whitespade and their self-titled debut album.

                To say that ‘Whitespade’ is Motörhead worship is literally an understatement. This is the sound of that classic Motörhead line-up, so much so that the listener will be easily duped into thinking that Lemmy, ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke and ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor have been resurrected from the beyond the grave as Athenar gives the sound of what Motörhead would sound like had they been fronted by Cronos himself. Therefore, this means that ‘Whitespade’ has a real enjoyable replayability to it where the volume just keeps getting louder and louder.

Yes, there is literally nothing here that Motörhead fans will not have heard before and those who spent their years devouring the albums from that classic Motörhead line-up will find hints of ‘Metropolis’, ‘Damage Case’ and ‘Jailbait’, but who cares? Because even the sourest faced metalhead will be able to not crack a smile and although it doesn’t do anything different, it is an exercise in try not to play this over and over again.

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