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Testament – ‘Titans of Creation – Video Album’

Nuclear Blast
Exodus, Death Angel, Overkill, Forbidden, Xentrix, Heathen, Legacy, Defiance
Release Date
September 9, 2022
Nuclear Blast
Thrash Metal

In the last 15 years, Testament have become a real battering ram of thrash metal again as the Bay Area veterans have shown their peers exactly what it means to ride at the front of the vanguard for the old-school thrash militia. Back in 2020, Testament released the excellent ‘Titans of Creation’ and album this year has the band reissuing that album alongside a Blu-Ray disc as ‘Titans of Creation – Video Album’.

                These days, it’s not unheard of ‘deluxe editions’, ‘tour editions’ and ‘special editions’ to be released by a band. Little extras of stuff tagged onto a reissue of an album to keep fans tied over whilst the band are away from the studio environment and therefore, ‘…Video Album’ is actually no different, you can shave a dog and teach it to walk backwards, but ultimately, it’s still a dog.  So therefore, what the purchaser gets here are two discs, one containing ‘Titans of Creation’, a fantastic album and well worth it if by perchance you don’t already own it, coupled with another disc featuring a Blu-Ray of each track from ‘Titans of Creation’ as a music video. Furthermore, the purchaser will also get extensive liner notes, plus extra photos and artwork, a sticker and button badge of the album artwork all housed within a long collectible box.

                Does this give you bragging rights? Yes, it does. But is it worth purchasing unless you’re a fanatical fan of Testament? Probably not. But for those who are, it allows them to covet a fantastic album with extras for all eternity.

"great for the fanatical Testament fan"

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