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Dakhma – ‘Blessings of Amurdad’

Teitanblood, Irkallian Oracle, Grave Upheaval, Arkhaaik, Grave Miasma, Impetuous Ritual
Release Date
Blackened Death Metal

Switzerland may not be the first place on everyone’s mind when they think of Zoroastrianism, the temperate Alpine location is a long way from hot Persian lands of its birth. Yet this has not deterred Dakhma from delivering Zoroastrianism through the medium of blackened death metal with the Swiss band returning after four years with the release of their sophomore album ‘Blessings of Amurdad’.

                Within their career, Dakhma have carved out quite a little niche for themselves and what they do, Dakhma do very well. Therefore, what the band deliver here with ‘Blessings of Amurdad’ is another album of solid blackened death metal that digs deep into the rituals and ideologies of ancient Persia, from extended tracks such as ‘The Stench of the Wretched (Forsake Him!)’ and ‘The Rite of Dominion (Shehrevar)’ through shorter more concise moments like ‘Afrinagan’ and ‘Atash Bahram’, ‘Blessings of Amurdad’ explores a world which is relatively unknown to a lot of the world. Religious themes and fire aside, ‘Blessings of Amurdad’ keeps itself well within the blackened death metal remit with Dakhma have all the appeal of Teitanblood, Irkallian Oracle and Grave Upheaval.

                Yes, this means that musically, there isn’t anything here that fans of blackened death metal haven’t heard before, the lyrical themes add an interesting slant which stops this release from being very generic and if you’re looking for something that is a little different then ‘Blessings of Amurdad’ is something to get your teeth into.

"black/death with interesting lyrical themes"

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