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Tim Bowness – ‘The Butterfly Mind’

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In a career now entering its fifth(!) decade Tim Bowness must still be regarded as a musician and writer with an unflinching keynote musical vision, a USP if you prefer. From the outset and his earliest works in the late 1980’s with pre-Porcupine Tree Steven Wilson as the Progressive/Trip Hop duo No-Man he has enchanted and cajoled the listener with subtle and hypnotic vibes; bombast and harshness reserved for only occasional (and invariably memorable and wisely chosen) moments.

So, overall, a bit dull then? Well, not even a bit actually.

No-Man remains a consistently challenging and innovative side to the musical character of bot Tim and band-mate Steven; 2019’s “Love You to Pieces” was a considered and deliberate move into a pseudo-classical theme and variations format that confounded and delighted in equal measure. Personally, I’m happy to nail my hat to the mast and say it’s a work of subtle, and sublime intoxicating genius.

….which kind of leaves us here with a Tim Bowness review in a rock and metal mag-Ezine. Will you like it? Depends enormously on how chilled you want to take it sometimes, and if you have the patience to give something so off-piste sufficient run throughs to take root in you psyche. We’ve been in this territory before with some deep calm atmospheric albums well outside the rock and metal norm that have gone on to become hugely influential and respected by our readership, so who knows until you’ve given it a go. I’d gladly suggest you do.

"gorgeous prog that soothes rather than inspires"

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