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What is Heavy Metal Philosophy?

Back in May 2021, I decided to get back into the podcasting game. My life had returned to a previous cycle I experienced in my youth.

I remember being a young metalhead growing up in a small town in the southern United States.

This town sat firmly in what’s known as “The Bible Belt”. It was permeated with the kind of culture that thought bands like Kiss or AC/DC were “devil-worshiping” music. With that being the standard by which music was judged I couldn’t possibly talk about liking bands like Immolation or Rotting Christ.

Couple my love of extreme music and my obsession with thoughts like “Is this world real?” or “Do I really believe in Noah’s Ark?” and I felt I had no one to talk to.

I was drawn to the macabre in a place that believed these aesthetics were to be avoided lest your soul be damned for eternity.

I found people I could share freely my thoughts and questions but they were outcasts too. I got into a lot of trouble hanging out with “the wrong crowd”.

I escaped that town and chased bigger opportunities than what it could afford me. I joined bands and toured the southeast. I was with like-minded people and we were on a mission. I took that for granted. I accomplished several big milestones with my last band that I’ll possibly write about in the future. But I really thought we were about to break through and “make it”. Well, that band broke up before we could realize our potential and I found myself lost. As I alluded to earlier, time had cruelly turned the cycle again. Outside of the bubble of the touring musician world, I realized I was once again alone. I have one or two friends that I can talk to about Cannibal Corpse or ask if they believe in free will or not, but I no longer can do that every day.

And that’s why I started the podcast. On the Internet, I can chat freely with other people like me. We can celebrate the extreme music we love and we can openly discuss death and how we should live a fleeting life. I’m so glad I did. We have fostered a small little community that I craved for so long. We’re growing too. At the time of this writing, we’re just under nine hundred subscribers on YouTube and making a push towards a thousand. That’s not to count the listeners on audio-only platforms like Spotify and our little social media communities.

And now here we are on Metal Digest with our inaugural entry into a monthly column.

In future columns, I’ll cover things like the guest that changed my philosophy on metal and existentialism, how the YouTube platform changed my podcasting format and many other philosophical underpinnings of the metal community. If you love the heaviest music and are curious about the motivations behind it then regardless of platform I hope you’ll join us on Heavy Metal Philosophy.

Link Mosh Pit: (yeah, it’s a real thing, we came up with it)

Come on in!

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