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The Church of Heavy Metal Therapy | A podcast you didn’t know you needed.

The Church of Heavy Metal Therapy is part podcast part radio show, where they discuss all things to do with heavy metal and mental health, and play some great music. It’s not church in the religious sense, but a place to gather and reflect. They named it after their ‘inner circle’ meetings which were inspired by “biker church”. 

In their own words:

It is an extension of Heavy Metal Therapy ideas, in that we ask people with lived experience of mental health ‘stuff’ to chat with us and share their favourite metal tracks.

Hosted by Kate Quinn – Psychologist & founder of Heavy Metal Therapy, Ben Ryan – Ex-Mental Health Nurse and HMT Roadie, and Philthy, producer of the show & mental metal fan. They have a range of guests who come to share their experiences and music choices, on a number of mental health themes. All the track lists for the episodes will be published here.

Disclaimer: The podcast contains discussion of mental health themes that may be distressing, has swearing and plays extreme music. It does not constitute professional advice and all views expressed are people’s own (and not representative of HMT). The podcasts are recorded sometimes several months in advance of release so may refer to past incidents in this context.

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