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Mad Max – ‘Wings of Time’

Rock of Angels Records
Railway, Leatherwolf, Pretty Maids, Wolfpakk, Pink Cream 69
Release Date
September 2, 2022
Rock of Angels Records
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

There are those bands which exist for numerous years and go through changes that at times can serious isolate fans. One such band were Mad Max as they decided to dabble in Christianity at various points yet, as the years wore on, this sound has changed back into the hard rock style coupled with adventure, feelings and emotion which made them famous and now, the German band are back with their latest album ‘Wings of Time’.  

                It may only have been approaching two years since Mad Max released their ‘Stormchild Rising’ album in 2020, but there has been a rather large change within that time. Michael Voss who had held that position since the early days has departed with the relatively unknown Julian Rolinger filling those big shoes. Yet, Rolinger fills these with ease, this is a vocalist which can croon, soar and power when needed and it suits the Mad Max sound perfectly as tracks such as ‘Too Hot to Handle’, ‘Miss Sacrifice’ and ‘Best Part of Me’ show a band comfortable with who they are and their place within the rock and metal world.

                Yes, of course there are no surprises here, Mad Max is as Mad Max does, but that doesn’t make this album any less impressive and what the band have released here with ‘Wings of Time’ is another solid album which opens up a brand-new chapter for Mad Max.

"a brand new chapter in Mad Max history opens up"

Come on in!

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