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King’s X – ‘Three Sides of One’

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Release Date
September 2, 2022
InsideOut Music
Progressive Metal/Hard Rock

When veteran bands release a new album, I often wonder if this was their first offering to the world, would they be as successful? In the case of ‘Three Sides…‘ the definitive answer is…probably. The band has achieved iconic status by combining Prog, Metal, and Groove. Lots of Groove. ‘Three Sides…” assimilates all this and more. Classic King’s X hallmarks (tight riffs, even tighter harmonies, and searing melodic guitars) are on full display on “Watcher” and “Let It Rain”, while their softer side is represented on tracks such as “Take the Time.” There are many moments of artistic splendor along with gruffed-up Beatles-esque tunes (“Holidays”) and Ty Tabor’s fretwork is majestic throughout. He is truly inspiring during the extended outro on “Nothing But the Truth.” But, borrowing from their 2004 live album, it’s “all over the place.” 

Over the last several years, they have been involved with several excellent solo and collaborative outings. Perhaps this album is (partially) the result of those collective experiences. Aside from a few clunks here and there, the album is stellar, just not on par with the mighty X of old. Some fine songs to be enjoyed again and again, just not as cohesive, and memorable as what they are capable of. They have set a towering standard and I would be remiss not to hold them to it.    

Will long time fans dig this album? Absolutely. Will newcomers hear it and seek out their exemplary catalogue? Hopefully.

"long time fans will dig it"

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