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Cirkus Prütz – ‘Blues Revolution’

Metalville Records
ZZ Top, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Delta Sonics, The Cold Stares
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Metalville Records

Like most people, when I think of the Blues, I generally think of Scandinavia. Okay, maybe not, but the truth is the Blues is universal. We all get them and sometimes the best cure is a swift musical kick to the dungarees. Sweden’s Cirkus Prütz understands this quite well and ‘Blues Revolution’ just may be the jolt in the caboose you’ve been needing. 

While there is nothing especially new here, the album is unpretentious, good ‘n’ greasy fun. It is a smoky pulled pork sandwich, a cooler full of beer, and maybe a regret on the horizon.

‘Revolution’ travels a well-worn road. A swaggering ride through the Southwest American desert, “Let’s Join Hands” is a top-notch and top-down groover while “Boogie Woogie Man” is an unabashed aping of ZZ Top’s “Just Got Paid.”  But, good gravy, the band makes it sound so dang good, ain’t nobody gonna care no how. 

The only detraction is how close the band sounds to other artists. I mean really close. “The Devil and Me” is basically Howlin’ Wolf and George Thorogood on a night of hard drinking. “Modern Day Gentleman” is essentially a remake of ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man.”  There is being inspired, there is paying homage and then there is this.

Just the same, ‘Revolution’ is good Bluesy fun worth checking out. Like Mr. King said, “Hey hey, the Blues is alright.”

“Hey hey, the Blues is alright.”

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