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Mantic Ritual – ‘Heart Set Stone’ EP

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Havok, Gama Bomb, Warbringer, Meltdown, Lazarus A.D.
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                The old saying goes, ‘good things come to those at the gate’, well, something like that anyway. When this is applied to bands releases, we can be waiting not just a couple of years, but over a decade for something to be released. One such band are Mantic Ritual who after reforming in 2020 have now delivered ‘Heart Set Stone’, their latest EP and their first release since 2009’s debut ‘Executioner’ album.

                It’s good to have Mantic Ritual back doing what they’re good at and that is delivering solid thrash metal without frills or gimmicks. ‘Heart Set Stone’ is thrash metal done the way thrash metal should be with the EP clocking in at just under 21 minutes as three original tracks trade off against three covers of G.B.H., Razor and Mercyful Fate live happily side by side with the original stuff as tracks such as ‘Crusader’ of the title track crash forward with all the modern appeal of Havok, Evile and Warbringer whilst reaching back to that classic thrash sound of Dark Angel and of course Exodus.

                Yeah of course there isn’t anything here on this EP that the avid thrash fan will not have heard before, but really who cares? This is a decent thrash EP from Mantic Ritual and hopefully it won’t be such a long time before the band follows this up.

"a decent thrash EP from Mantic Ritual"

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