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thoughtcrimes – ‘Altered Pasts’

Pure Noise Records
Rolo Tomassi, Dillinger Escape Plan, Car Bomb, Pupil Slicer
Release Date
Pure Noise Records
Technical Death/Progressive Death Metal/Post Hardcore/Hardcore/Mathcore

“You can’t be every metal genre at once” is a reasonable statement to make, you’d think? It seems to be a statement broadly dismissed by thoughtcrimes, the new project of ex-Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Billy Rymer, however, as their debut album release ‘Altered Past’ seems to combine Deftones-esque alt metal, crushing Death/Thrash riffs, extreme technical metal phrases, Pendragon-like prog metal moments, insane moments that verge on Djent for their impenetrability, all mashed up into a fantastically consistent, well structured album that after all is said and done, sounds like being in an alternate universe where Nine Inch Nails and Deftones are both 30% heavier, and playing their respective fastest albums at the same time in one room. It even finishes with a song that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Stone Temple Pilots album.

Rymer’s experience and virtuosity clearly shines through in this new project, as this is an album that exceeds its 34 minute runtime not through seeming longer than it is, but by getting your mind lost in a world of insanity and perpetual change that constantly surprises throughout, and with a crisp, dark mix, this is a new release definitely worth giving a try

"Insane, raucous, and exciting from start to finish"

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