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Megadeth – ‘The Sick, The Dying… and the Dead!’

Universal Music Group
Annihilator, Death Angel, Forbidden, Vio-Lence, Atrophy, Metal Church
Release Date
September 2, 2022
Universal Music Group
Thrash Metal

                It’s always a joyous occasion in the calendar when one of the big, classic metal bands release an album. These are albums which are taken apart, dissected over and over by fans will always polarise metal fans. This year has Megadeth putting themselves on the slab with the release of ‘The Sick, The Dying… and the Dead!’, their first album in almost seven years.

                It is good to see Megadeth returning to a short phrase title name, it immediately gets the listener in a nostalgic mood for that classic Megadeth sound and Dave Mustaine and co. do not disappoint. Kicking off with the likes of ‘Life in Hell’, the superb ‘Dogs of Chernobyl’ and the title track get the listener fully engaged as technical riffage gallops along with all the enjoyability of the ‘Rust in Peace’ days. On the basis of this, there’ll be plenty of hyperbole as it clings onto nostalgia, but realistically, ‘The Sick…’ is very much in the vein of the previous ‘Dystopia’ album and fans of that sound will be happy with this release. However, as quick and fast as this album starts, it does tend to meander in the middle with tracks such as ‘Junkie’ and ‘Célebutante’ are rather forgettable, but just when the listener thinks ‘The Sick…’ is petering out, ‘Mission to Mars’ and ‘We’ll Be Back’ bring it back for the final curtain call, former containing some rather amusing Mustaine voices.

                Blatant nostalgia aside, ‘The Sick…’ is more than decent, but it isn’t as good as a lot of the embellishments will purvey. Those looking for a good Megadeth album will find it here, but if you’re looking for ‘Rust in Peace’/’Countdown to Extinction’ part two, then you’ll be disappointed.

"a good Megadeth album"

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