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Leafall – ‘Sine Anima’ EP

Independent Release
Symphony X, Redemption, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Queensrÿche
Release Date
Independent Release
Heavy/Progressive Metal

From the Northern woods of Sweden comes Leafall. An (apparently) busy group of chaps who have found time to give us this excellent EP.  ‘Sine Anima’ is but a part of a future album that will assuredly garner the attention of more than a few ears.

Within a mere three songs, the band manages to pique the interest and rock the mind. Leafall orchestrates the perfect balance of complexity and accessibility, but if you are inclined to just rock a bit…’Sine Anima’ has that covered too. The EP delivers music that is urgent and earnest and its intelligent lyrics challenge without being pretentious.

“No Going Back” starts with a quarter-speed Dokken-like riff, evolving into a sprawling and emotive tour de force. Visions of snapped necks, gritted teeth and triumph are on full display. The title track (“Sine Anima”) has the roots of an epic production. Lush arrangements and gallantly ringing tones are exemplary but don’t quite grasp the brass ring. Still, I’d like to think the full album will fulfill all expectations and then some.

As a side note, vocalist Tobias Hellgren could easily step into songs from the likes of Symphony X or Redemption (High, but accurate praise). Not that I’m suggesting this; Hellgren Should stay right where he is, for great things are in the making. 

In short, Leafall plants its seeds in the richest soil. I look forward to seeing how they will grow.

"Leafall plants its seeds in the richest soil"

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