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Five Finger Death Punch – ‘AfterLife’

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Five Finger Death Punch (FDPP) of course, need no introduction. The band have reached rock and metal royalty status selling over a million tickets between 2018 and 2020 as well as selling albums by the pallet load. This year has FDPP returning to follow up their ‘F8’ album with their anticipated ninth studio album ‘AfterLife’.

Beginning with the charming but cheesy ‘Welcome to the Circus’, ‘AfterLife’ gets off to a good start with some decent shredding throughout. Yet, as ‘AfterLife’ reaches the middle, it gets a little ‘different’, for example ‘Thanks for Asking’ is a huge vibe of synth beats, pop passions, hip hop, country and EDM, yet as much as this sounds like a mess, it does provide a mighty stadium appeal. This is the right mix of heavy and hearty and whilst it may be a little disjointed throughout, it does help keep the FDPP alive because when ‘AfterLife’ is good, it is combatively engaging. However, it is also inflated and overstated, unassuming, banal and jejune and this can be quite disappointing to long-time fans.

That warlike bellicose from which the band made their name isn’t quite there and it is mainstream to the max. Unfortunately, this also means that ‘AfterLife’ doesn’t really have that replayability that those earlier FDPP albums had sadly, ‘AfterLife’ is average at best.

"average at best"

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