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Dirtred – ‘Prophecy of the Fall’ EP

Independent Release
Slipknot, The Acacia Strain, Tallah
Release Date
Independent Release
Nu/Groove Metal

Dirtred have returned with their dystopian new EP, ‘Prophecy of the Fall’, so crank up the volume, grab your favourite beverage, and prepare your neck for some brutal headbanging!

The EP starts out with a one and a half minute intro track, ‘Begin At the Beginning’, a title they came up with after reading Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’, and uses the growling guitars, subtle drum beats, and haunting synth in the background to set the mood for their dystopian world. The EP then heavily breaks into their first song, ‘To Kill a Man’, which, despite its title, is a song about losing basic human values. The track boasts brutal vocals, melodic and heavy, yet masterfully simple guitar riffs, and fast paced drums that really does allow you to venture into the nightmare world with the band. ‘Drawn Into the Void’ keeps the EPs pace, and really leans into the 8-string guitar to bring out the brutality of the world around them, with hands down the greatest breakdown on the EP. ‘Promethean’ really gives the EP that depth of storytelling, without sacrificing the musical integrity of the EP, and really brings out the futuristic nature of the dystopian nightmarish world. The final track on the EP, ‘End of the Century’, is a personal favourite, with fantastic guitar riffs and trills, amazing vocals, all topped off with the melodic drum beats. The lyrics of this track are a translation of a polish poem written and credited to Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer, and any poet should be proud of the life given to their art by Dirtred.

All in all, this is a very good EP that shows amazing depth and talent, and definitely shows quality is much more preferable to quantity!

"a very good EP that shows amazing depth and talent"

Come on in!

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