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Blind Guardian – ‘The God Machine’

Nuclear Blast
Demons & Wizards, Persuader, Savage Circus, Judicator, Lucifer's Heritage, Iron Savior
Release Date
September 2, 2022
Nuclear Blast
Power Metal

How apt that when Amazon release the first billion-dollar TV show with ‘The Rings of Power’ adaptation from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ that German power metal titans Blind Guardian should return with their latest studio album ‘The God Machine’.

                Whichever way you look at it, Blind Guardian have spent the last few years flopping around with box sets, live EP’s and albums, daft Christmas songs and mediocre studio albums so the announcement of ‘The God Machine’ is approached with some degree of trepidation. Yet, immediately, Blind Guardian blow it out of the water in a naval bombardment style as German power metal juggernauts deliver a sucker punch of speed infused power metal. This is the sound of classic Blind Guardian with tracks such as ‘Blood of the Elves’, ‘Secrets of the American Gods’ and ‘Deliver Us from Evil’ show a band on top of their game and quite arguably releasing their best album in 15 years coupled with an ‘NEG’ inspired album cover. This is the most reinvigorated this band has sounded in years; the musicianship is top notch with Hansi Kürsch delivering just a powerful vocal performance demonstrating exactly why this man is one of the most revered vocalists of his genre.

                What Blind Guardian have delivered here with ‘The God Machine’ is a fantastic album, it is simply one of the best power metal albums released this year and if you’re looking for an album to tick every box and be standing tall at the end of the year, then ‘The God Machine’ will be there.

"one of the best power metal albums released this year"

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