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Exclusive Premiere | Cogadh – This Familiar Cold

COGADH is a Canadian Black Metal duo from Ontario and Québec.

Using traditional black metal styles while incorporating more melodic riffs and speed, Cogadh create their own distinct blend of atmospheric sound.  Cogadh began in 2021 with Ira (guitars/bass) and Alex (vocals/drums) after the two met through being active in different Black Metal bands in the local scene. They began work on their debut EP Runtongue in summer 2021 and it was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Snape at Nomadic Arts.

Metal Digest proudly presents their latest masterpiece.

This song is about wanting to stay complicit in life and ignoring all of one’s impending problems and poor choices. The protagonist is constantly reminded of their choices by a “void” that is calling out to remind them of the cycle they keep repeating.

A note from the band

Hi Metal Digest readers! We are Canadian Black Metal duo Cogadh, and we’re excited to share the video playthrough for our new single launching today, ‘This Familiar Cold’. Thematically, we wrote this song as a reminder to ourselves and others to be the author of ones fate, despite problems that may arise or past mistakes that have been made. We hope you enjoy it and will check out our debut EP when it launches Oct 7th. Thanks!

Follow the band on Spotify to hear the EP as soon as it drops:…

Genre: Black Metal

For Fans Of: Darkthrone, Primordial, Havukruunu, Drudkh, Kampfar

Come on in!

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