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Epica – ‘Live at Paradiso’

Nuclear Blast
Nightwish, After Forever, Mayan, ReVamp, Sahara Dust, Diabulus in Musica
Release Date
September 2, 2022
Nuclear Blast
Symphonic Metal

The Red-Light District in Amsterdam is famous for its…well… extracurricular activities as well as recently qualified undergraduates celebrating their release into the wide world by indulging in the pleasures of the flesh. Nestled in this district is Paradiso one of the world’s most notorious clubs, a venue steeped in rock and metal history and in 2006 Epica stepped onto its stages to perform a monstrous set that has now been released as ‘Live at Paradiso’.

                For Epica, this was one of their defining moments and it is a wonder how ‘Live at Paradiso’ has never been released before. Thankfully, it has been saved for a decent occasion, the bands 20th anniversary and it shows Epica on fine form as one of the best symphonic metal bands out there. The band is tighter than a submarine door with Simone Simons firing on all cylinders as she soars higher than The Byrds as the band crush it all around with Mark Jansen providing some fantastically contrasting harsh vocals.

                At just under two hours spread across two discs, this is quite possibly the ultimate experience of early Epica without getting into a time machine. Furthermore, this will also come with Blu-Ray that will add a visual element to your audio goodness. However, if you have no interest in live albums or symphonic metal, there is nothing here that will cause a conversion to the cause, but for those fans of Epica who love to get their paws on everything, they’ll find a great live album and a snapshot in time of Epica on the brink of massive success.

"a snapshot in time of Epica on the brink of massive success"

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