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Brymir – ‘Voices in the Sky’

Napalm Records
Nothgard, Northland, Euphoreon, Dark Oath, Gorgon, Æther Realm, Falchion
Release Date
Napalm Records
Symphonic/Melodic Death/Pagan Metal

Battle Beast have really hit their stride in the last decade with the power metal clawing at the upper echelons of the genre. Yet, it isn’t all tits and dragons for guitarist Joona Björkoth who has also spent the last 15 years working with Brymir and now, the symphonic/melodic death metal band are back with ‘Voices in the Sky’, their first album since 2019.

                Brymir had hit a pinnacle in their career with ‘Wings of Fire’ and thankfully, ‘Voices in the Sky’ follows exactly in this format but sticking to that winning formula. As well as this, Brymir also now have the power of Napalm Records behind them and therefore, ‘Voices in the Sky’ is a smooth album of melodic death metal coupled with tantalising symphonic blasts alongside a high-quality production to it which makes this album hugely accessible. This all means that this latest offering from the Finns thunders with all the energy of Nothgard, Wintersun and Eternal Tears of Sorrow as Brymir continue to give the listener melo death with enough symphonic boosts to keep them well engaged and to thoroughly enjoy it.

                As an album, ‘Voices in the Sky’ might not initially be the most likeable album, but it is a massive grower, the mythological metaphors mean that there is plenty to dig into and digest which causes the listener to play this release over and over again. All hail the Rus!

"a massive grower with huge replayability"

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