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Renegade Angel – ‘Dawn of Justice’ EP

Inverse Records
Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Kotipelto, Timo Tolkki, Dreamtale, Firewind
Release Date
August 25, 2022
Inverse Records
Heavy/Melodic Power Metal

There are those musicians who are just able to hit the ground running, deliver quality releases on a consistent basis without ever losing site of their goal. One musician who is capable of this is Jani Pöysä who since 2020 has been the mastermind behind Renegade Angel who are back with their latest EP ‘Dawn of Justice’.

                As with the last EP, ‘Dawn of Justice’ is a release which keeps it sweet, short and simple with an EP which clocks in at just over 18 minutes. What Renegade Angel deliver is an EP with two new decent tracks of pure unadulterated Finnish heavy metal through ‘The Whistleblower’ and the title track having all classic metal enjoyability of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden whilst also touching on the fringes of power metal with that big European sound that will bring in fans of Andi Deris era Helloween as well as Avantasia. Furthermore, the listener will get ‘The Whistleblower’ sang in German as well as the bands 2021 single ‘Forevermore’ delivered in Spanish. Yet, although these two tracks give a different dynamic to the tracks, it isn’t anything we know that Renegade Angel aren’t capable of delivering and it leaves the listener hoping for more original Renegade Angel tracks.

                However, ‘Dawn of Justice’ is delivered well, it is thoroughly enjoyable, and it is high time that the band delivered a full-length studio album because judging on their EP’s, it’ll be a stormer.

"it is high time that the band delivered a full-length studio album"

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