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In honor of 40 outstanding years in metal, Metal Blade Records presents a special limited edition 40th Anniversary premium, 100% French wheat vodka by Infinity Premium Vodka.

Crafted using only the finest grains of winter wheat from the Champagne region of France. Sustainably distilled 5x and filtered through limestone to ensure the perfection demanded by luxury vodka connoisseurs. Carefully crafted at the source of wheat in France and loyally distributed from Infinity Premium Vodkas home in Dallas, Texas.

Now available in select locations in NY, NJ, CO, KS and online at Coming to CA and NV soon! Shipping is a flat rate of $19.99 for 1-6 bottles and $29.99 for 6-12 bottles. Special t-shirt & vodka packages are also available! 

In other news, Metal Blade Records will be opening their Heavy Metal Museum to 20 more lucky guests on Friday, September 16th. The museum will be open from 12noon to 5pm and any ticket holders arriving at 12noon will get a guided tour by Brian Slagel himself. Get your ticket for $19.82 HERE – only 20 tickets available

Come on in!

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