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White Snake of Blackened Maze – ‘By the Rivers of Heresy’

Bhleg, A Forest of Stars, Bal-Sagoth, Eucharist, Nordjevel, Kvaen
Release Date
Avant-garde/Progressive Black Metal

The utterance of Whitesnake may cause the mind to wander towards David Coverdale thrusting towards the camera whilst Tawny Kitaen writhes in her knickers on a car bonnet. Yet, get your mind past this because slithering out of Belgium (no hat tricks involved) are White Snake of Blackened Maze (WSOBM) who have delivered their debut album of progressive black metal ‘By the Rivers of Heresy’.

                When it comes to creating strange black metal, WSOBM have it figured out, this robed torch wielding duo have hit the ground running with an album which begins to push the boundaries of black metal. With its avant-garde performances and haunting vocal passages, ‘…Rivers of Heresy’ isn’t afraid to get dirty and tackle the tough questions surrounding heresy, blasphemy and faith throughout the ages where tracks such as ‘Distrust Thy Teacher’, ‘The Preacher of Nihil’ and ‘Prayer at the Ruins’ thunder with all the appeal of Thulcandra, Bhleg and Desolate Shrine.

                Yes, ‘…Rivers of Heresy’ won’t have fans queuing around the corner to grab a copy and even black metal fans themselves will probably find something to argue about (don’t they always?), but WSOBM have delivered a great debut album here which puts them in a fantastic position to grow as a band and musicians and it will be interesting to see what WSOBM do next.

"a great debut album"

Come on in!

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