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GWAR To Kick Off Fall Leg Of “The Black Death Rager World Tour” September 10th

Fresh off a run of destruction and devastation of Europe and after a brief respite at their Antarctic Stronghold to recharge their Alien batteries with a one of a kind crack binge, your Lords and Masters GWAR are ready to bring “The Black Death Rager Word Tour,” back to North America.  In support of their latest opus “The New Dark Ages,” GWAR kicks off the tour September 10th with an appearance at the Blue Ridge Rock Fest in Alton, VA.  Human scum and bohabs alike will once again be given the chance to worship at the feet of their mighty alien overlords.   Support on the tour will be provided by Light The Torch, Nekrogoblikon and Crobot.  The tour criss-crosses North America stopping at the Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville, KY, The Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA and a special GWAR-B-Q event at Grinders in Kansas City, MO. 

GWAR Frontman, The Berserker Blóthar comments on the upcoming tour,“The trumpets have sounded and the walls are breached. The dreaded Scumdog Army will soon pour into your city. GWAR has taken to the road in support of our landmark album “The New Dark Ages.” Hapless audiences the world over will hear new songs, witness new horrors and new gore, and watch as GWAR travels into another dimension to face new villains in a no-holds-barred heavy metal orgy of sex, violence, and hilarity!” 
The New Dark Ages” chronicles GWAR’s adventures in the Duoverse, where the band rediscovers old powers such as Blóthar’s terrifying Berserker Mode, and encounter new allies, such as the murderous maven known as The Cutter. Along the way, they battle the living monuments of a lost cause and armies of undead soldiers who Rise Again to fight a New Civil War.  The album is out now on CD and digital and the vinyl and cassette version will be available September 16th!  Get your copy HERE.

The album and the show concepts are tied to a companion graphic novel, “GWAR In the Duoverse of Absurdity,” which was also released by Z2 Comics today! In the graphic novel the band are sucked off into an alternate universe to do battle with their evil twins and the specter of rogue technology.  The album and graphic novel can be ordered HERE.

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