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Grave Digger – ‘Symbol of Eternity’

Rock of Angels Records
Running Wild, Rage, Accept, Rebellion, Saxon, U.D.O., Hammer King
Release Date
August 26, 2022
Rock of Angels Records
Heavy/Power Metal

                The recent years in metal have proved time and time again that we are in a golden age of heavy metal with bands both old and new on top of their game. One band in particular who have been standing tall upon the corpses of their pretenders are Grave Digger who are back with their latest album of history inspired heavy metal ‘Symbol of Eternity’.

                With this album, Grave Digger take a step back into the Crusades of the Near East with ‘Symbol of Eternity’, the sequel to 1998’s ‘Knights of the Cross’ with this latest album exploring themes such as Jerusalem, the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail. For those who know what Grave Digger sound like, then ‘Symbol of Eternity’ is actually no shocker, this is Grave Digger doing exactly what they do best as crushing heavy metal with enough tinges of power metal create an album which is thoroughly enjoyable. Through tracks such as ‘Hell is My Purgatory’, ‘Nights of Jerusalem’ and ‘Holy Warfare’ show that Grave Digger are firing on all cylinders with each song here having that old-school heavy metal anthemic quality that can only be forged and tempered through decades of serving the cause.

                It is no surprise that with ‘Symbol of Eternity’, Grave Digger have released one of the best heavy metal albums of year. This is the sound of Grave Digger doing what Grave Digger do best and if you think sequels are never as good as the original, then ‘Symbol of Eternity’ will prove you wrong because this is simply superb.  

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