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Quiet Confusion – ‘Magella’

Go Down Records
Them Crooked Vultures, ZZ Top, Monster Magnet
Release Date
Go Down Records
Stoner/Psychedelic Rock

Italy’s finest purveyors of Psyched-out and Blues infected Stoner Rock bring us their Fuzziest album yet with their fourth release “Magella”. Recorded on vintage equipment all turned up to the max this is not an album you’ll be taking to the Hi-Fi shop to demo new equipment; you will however have the windows rolled down or the roof off with this blasting as you cruise into town.

Feeling almost like ZZ Top had taken a different path (and possibly different drugs) during their formative years, Quiet Confusion have a Blues shuffle and a straight Rock drive mixed and matched to perfection; you can swing and sway, or headbang to your own preference. With both the looseness of old friends having a relaxed late night jam session and the tightness of a well-rehearsed machine; recent lie-up changes have added a new dynamism and solid rhythm that makes each track its own individual slice of energy and life. Penultimate track “Droppers” has chunky riffage and stomp to die for too.

This is a dynamic and purposeful collection of stylistically linked songs that flashes past in seemingly no time at all. 35min feels like 15, and with the exception of the slightly lacklustre closing instrumental “J.J” there is not an ounce of flab or a wasted second.

If you want to be critical, the production is (intentionally) archaic, and if the album was much longer it would stop being quirky, and start being a distraction. And in fairness this record does somewhat play second fiddle to the overtly similar, but overall stronger ”Commodor” album from 2014.

Not going to be a Negative Nelly though; this is a decent and fun record, you won’t regret investing half an hour of your time giving it a listen.

"Stoner Rock and Texas Blues straight outta Italy"

Come on in!

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