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Obituary – ‘Cause of Death – Live Infection’

Relapse Records
Asphyx, Jungle Rot, Massacre, Master, Tardy Brothers, Benediction, Cancer, Skeletal Remains
Release Date
August 26, 2022
Relapse Records
Death Metal

Florida is the Mecca of death metal, wherever you are in the world, those who follow the genre find themselves orientating themselves towards the Sunshine State when they pray to the gods of death. One band from this pantheon are Obituary and this year has the Floridian titans releasing not one, but two live albums, the second of which features the masterpiece Cause of Death’ played in its entirety and released as ‘Cause of Death – Live Infection’.

                Obituary have always been a phenomenal live band and what you see is what you get. They’re a band which doesn’t fuck around with audience interactions more than it needs to or wander off onto extended musical interludes instead, they let their raw death metal power speak for them. Therefore, what the listener gets here with ‘…Live Infection’ is a top-quality live album captured in the studio environment where Obituary manage to deliver the entirety of Cause of Death’ with the hindsight of 30 years’ experience under their belt and yet, their ferocious cover of Celtic Frost’s ‘Circle of Tyrants’ still sounds as fucking vicious now as it did back then.

                Yes, ok, this is a live album conducted almost flawlessly in the studio and it shows Obituary doing exactly what they are good at. However, it been approx. five years since Obituary last released a studio album and there are plenty of fans out there who would much prefer new studio output rather than a studio live album and ultimately, if you already own Cause of Death’, you could just put that on instead, but if you are a massive collector of Obituary, fill your boots.

"a live album conducted almost flawlessly in the studio"

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