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Fatso Jetson – ‘Live at Maximum Festival’

Go Down Records
Fu Manchu, Kyuss, Yawning Man, Kal-El
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Go Down Records
Stoner/Desert Rock

Cult status alone doesn’t necessitate that you need to actually be good. Being touted as one of the “godfathers” of a genre doesn’t really require it either. Being regarded as the foundation of the entire Desert Rock scene does, however, carry a certain Kudos and a weight of expectation.

While Fu Manchu and Kyuss were still having guitar lessons, Fatso Jetson were running a rock club out in the Californian desert and starting to make their own music. And yet they remain so underrated and under-listened even today. “Live at Maximum Festival” was a vinyl only release back in the mid 2010’s that caught the band at a peak of creative diversity in 2013 after returning from a fallow period with 2010’s Punk influenced “Archaic Volumes”, their first album in almost a decade. Now, finally available on CD (still featuring the somewhat controversial artwork) a new generation have the chance to judge for themselves what the “Cult band” tag really does.

Always something a little “more”, Fatso Jetson never settled into a single formula, never became pigeonholed. They may have made some of the earliest Desert Rock; but despite defining their own particular take on Stoner Rock and opening the floodgates to a whole genre, they themselves continued to blur the definition more than most. Still active, they now bear little creative similes to their formative years, they have encompassed Country and melodic Blues and even hints of Jazz; but they sure still kick some mighty ass live.

“Live at Maximum Festival” is not audiophile material; some of the sound is frankly terrible. The performance, the energy, the vibe though; you’ll kick yourself for not being there.

"A snapshot of a culturally important band at their peak. a poor recording cannot disguise the talent on show"

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