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Behold! The Monolith – ‘From the Fathomless Deep’

Ripple Music
Conan, Khemmis, Shroud Eater, Electric Wizard, Herder, High On Fire, Belzebong
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Ripple Music
Stoner/Sludge Metal

This Los Angeles trio has an interesting backstory of tragedy and triumph. You can (and should) read about it in any number of places. But. I’d like to focus more on their music instead. No disrespect to the pioneers and mainstays of the art, but Behold! The Monolith (BtM) is far more than one-finger drop C power chords and repetitive riffing. To be clear, there is plenty of this, but they also use liberal dashes of Prog, a hint of Blues and even a skosh of Jazz. BtM employs many ingredients resulting in many interpretations and experiences. But that is all in the mind of the (ahem) beholder.

The album starts as a march of the weary, yet sharp-minded. A bludgeoning of the senses and a mighty gateway of escape to regions unknown, ‘Fathomless…’ offers songs that scream, scratch, and ultimately prevail. The likes of Tony Iommi and Electric Wizard may comfortably pass the torch into the capable hands of the new generation. The album features hypnotic trudging and Pastorius-like bass passages (“Immeasurable Void”) enchanting Hypno-sludge (“Seams of Pangaea”) and even a slab of be-deviled Blues (“Wailing Blade”) At its heart, ‘Fathomless…’ is pure Metal. It encompasses all the best and discards the rest.

Thisis a proverbial launchpad and BtM is quietly, but assuredly laying the most solid of foundations.  My prediction? there will be a day when this album will mark a turning point for many…fans, and artists alike.

This type of music will never be mainstream. And would you really want that anyway? My advice? Tune in, turn it up and Behold.

"A bludgeoning of the senses and a mighty gateway of escape to regions unknown"

Come on in!

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