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Blind Channel – ‘Lifestyles of the Sick and Dangerous’

Century Media Records
Hollywood Undead, From Ashes to New, Normandie, Deuce
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Century Media Records
Post Hardcore

“Shut your mouth, go make me a sandwich”, are lyrics directed at label executives on the opening song of ‘Lifestyles of the Sick and Dangerous’.  The song in question, ‘Opinions’, rails against the litany of criticisms Blind Channel receives now that they’ve accomplished their dreams.

Their fourth studio album is unabashedly pop with rap delivery and punk aesthetic. The band covers the expected hip-hop-inspired pop gamut of themes from paparazzi, nightlife, vice, unrequited love, toughness, and money. However, interspersed amongst the perfunctory bravado and middle finger waving of the genre there are songs of emo mourning and social commentary. They lament their damaged psyches while simultaneously reveling in them.

While lyrics like the aforementioned sandwich demand and ‘Alive or Only Burning’s claim, “I got balls the size of Jupiter” are juvenile examples of Blind Channel’s chest-thumping, they are capable of profound observations. As callow as those lines are, other lyrics like “You’re national heroes, you’re everybody’s property” and “Nobody watches you more closely than the people who hate you” reveal a deeper insight the band is capable of.

Musically Blind Channel can easily be compared to Hollywood Undead, though they lean more on pop and punk than their counterparts. These are prettier and catchier pop songs. The rapping on the other hand has a very similar cadence, flow, and delivery. The guitars mainly just play the chords with distortion. There are very few riffs on the album except for a few songs like ‘Alive or Only Burning’.  The comparisons don’t end at “both bands rap”, however, thematically they have many similarities. On ‘Autopsy’ Blind Channel says, “I’m ill made of broken stuff” while on the song ‘We Are’, Hollywood Undead proclaims “We are made from broken parts”. That concurrent bemoaning of damaged psyches while concurrently delighting in them are themes both bands share. If you’re a fan of Hollywood Undead this album will give you an adjacent take to add to your playlist.

"a double edged sword of an album"

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