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Phantom Spell – ‘Immortal’s Requiem’

Wizard Tower Records
Horisont, Kansas, Styx, Blue Ӧyster Cult , Yes, Hällas
Release Date
August 19, 2022
Wizard Tower Records
Hard/Progressive Rock/Heavy Metal

                In the last few years, trad metal has massively risen through the ranks a real metal genre to be trifled with. One band who have been riding the crest of this wave are Seven Sisters who have released three utterly fantastic albums of heavy metal. Not content to rest upon these laurels, Kyle McNeill has formed Phantom Spell who release their debut album ‘Immortal’s Requiem’.

                With ‘Immortal’s Requiem’, Phantom Spell allows McNeill to stretch his wings as a songwriter and instead of sticking to his trad metal roots like so many musicians in multiple bands from this genre, Phantom Spell explore the realms of hard and progressive rock from the 70’s. Prog can be a dirty word, but this isn’t the sort of prog rock of 32 minute tracks and some overblown concept about how the sides of the brain talks to each other; this is prog rock that is tight as piss as tracks such as ‘Up the Tower’, ‘Blood Becomes Sand’ and ‘Dawn of Mind’ have all the old-school enjoyability of Kansas, Styx and Yes whilst touching base with more modern vintage sounding prog such as Horisont and Hällas. Furthermore, ‘Seven Sided Mirror’ will even bring in fans of Blue Ӧyster Cult with its high intellect hard rock with a hint of occult irony which creates an element of massive replayability.

                Yes, ‘Immortal Requiem’ is aimed at a relatively niche audience, but those who get this album will find an excellent piece of hard/progressive rock which can be played over and over again and hopefully McNeill will be able to run both Seven Sisters and Phantom Spell simultaneously because it will be a shame to end it here.

"an excellent piece of hard/progressive rock which can be played over and over again"

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