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Spirit Adrift – ’20 Centuries Gone’ EP

Century Media Records
Khemmis, Grand Magus, Pallbearer, The Sword, Bridegeist, Haunt, Magic Circle
Release Date
August 19, 2022
Century Media Records
Heavy Metal

                What began life as a solo project by ex-Gatecreeper man Nate Garrett back in 2015 quickly morphed into a life of its own as the gelatinous cube known as Spirit Adrift began to take over ever facet of Garrett’s existence with release after release of quality doom-tinged heavy metal. Last year, Spirit Adrift released the superb ‘Forge Your Future’ EP and now, the Texan band are back with a follow up EP ’20 Centuries Gone’.

                What the listener gets here with ’20 Centuries Gone’ are two brand new studio tracks followed by a delve into the vaults of 20th century with a collection of cover songs. As expected, ’20 Centuries Gone’ delivers ‘Sorcerer’s Fate’ and ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ to a rousing symphony of full-on heavy metal with the latter track having all the thumping energy of a lost Grand Magus record. The cover tracks show that when Spirit Adrift cast off the seriousness that they can have a lot of fun with the band paying tribute to their influences within the rock and metal world from the likes of ZZ Top’s ‘Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings’ and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Poison Whiskey’ to the heavier end of the scale with ‘Everything Dies’ by Type O Negative and ‘Escape’ by Metallica. These tracks might not be the first on everyone’s list of favourite songs by those bands, but ‘20 Centuries Gone’ gives them a good modern enjoyable airing.

                Ultimately, ‘20 Centuries Gone’ is what it is, it is two new songs and a load of covers designed to tide the listener over until the next Spirit Adrift release and if you’re not bothered by covers then you may want to give it a swerve, but if not? Fill your boots because the two originals are worth it alone.

"something to tide you over until the next Spirit Adrift release"

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