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Orthodox – ‘Learning to Dissolve’

Century Media Records
Slipknot, Korn, Vein.FM, Boundaries, Dr. Acula, Distinguisher, Chamber, I Am
Release Date
August 19, 2022
Century Media Records
Nu Metal

It’s time to crack open the baggy jeans, crank up the volume, and get stuck in to Orthodox’s new
album, ‘Learning To Dissolve’.

Straight out the gate with ‘Feel It Linger’, the album kicks into 11 with its heavy riffs, Slipknot-esque
drums, and brutal Nu Metal growls! This momentum is felt throughout the album with ‘Head on a
Spike’ which shows how Nu Metal should be made, with its fast pace, crunchy guitar riffs, deep and
raw bass, drums that keep you headbanging through the whiplash, and vocals that make you want
to scream/growl to the complete dismay of your neighbours! The album’s (sort of) title track,
‘Dissolve’, sounds like it would be right at home in the early 2000’s with its heavy Slipknot influence.
The album is nicely rounded off with the track, ‘Voice in the Choir’, and despite the name, it doesn’t
sound like any choir I’ve heard before, but if choirs did sound more like this they may pull in more of
a crowd! The track has the perfect mix of low and bassy riffs, highlighted by the growls and screams
of the vocals.

With Nu Metal bands popping up left, right, and centre, it can be hard to be heard among the noise,
but Othodox have managed to cut through and produce a very enjoyable, true Nu Metal sound.

"a very enjoyable, true Nu Metal sound"

Come on in!

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