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Shroud of Bereavement – ‘A Beautiful Winter’

Independent Release
Estatic Fear, The Sins of Thy Beloved, Theatre of Tragedy, Desire, Thorns of the Carrion
Release Date
Independent Release
Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal

Death/doom metal is a genre which if not done correctly can drag like a seal’s arse behind a funeral cortege. Mix this with atmospheric metal and a band really has to have their head in the game lest they go on wandering like an elderly group of ramblers. Thankfully, one band who have this sound down to tee are Shroud of Bereavement (SoB) who are back after 15 years with their sophomore album ‘A Beautiful Winter’.

                Ok, there was an EP in between in 2012, but that last wander must have been of ‘Lord of the Rings’ proportions; but thankfully, like that novel there is something excellent at the end of it because ‘A Beautiful Winter’ is an album of epic proportions. This album is the pure embodiment of what it means to deliver high-quality atmospheric death/doom and it isn’t afraid to lets its songs expand into the quarter of an hour mark because this isn’t motionless, drifting bollocks, this is precise and calculated as crushing guitars and rhythms juxtapose against ethereal, fluttering moments that may even drift into post rock at times with all the enjoyability of Estatic Fear, Desire and Thorns of the Carrion.

                This is an absolutely fantastic album of death/doom, not only is it powerful, but it does also everything that it sets out to do and more and come the year end, this album will be one of the expansive atmospheric death/doom albums to get your hands on.

"one of the expansive atmospheric death/doom albums to get your hands on this year"

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