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Rig Time! – ‘Reborn’ EP

State of Mind Recordings
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State of Mind Recordings

Take a pinch of hardcore, a dab of doom, a bucket load of heavy metal and a sprinkling of nu-metal and mix it up in a heavy metal cauldron. After much stirring, you’ll get the sound of Rig Time! Who are back after five years to deliver their latest EP ‘Reborn’.

                Straight out of the traps, ‘Reborn’ hits the ground running with a raw and abrasive sound which wastes no time in committing assault and battery on the listener. ‘Reborn’ rattles the speakers hard and whilst the crunching doom sound adds some low-end power, where this album really excels is that hardcore sound and this duo play the part exceptionally well where tracks such as ‘Manifesto’, ‘Backstab’ and ‘Unloved’ show fully what they are capable of with a wide range of accessible sounds that prove that Rig Time! Have what it takes to drag in listeners from a huge demographic especially with that underlying nu-metal sound which have all the enjoyability of Korn, Kublai Khan and Left Behind.

                It might have been some time since Rig Time! Last delivered a release and ‘Reborn’ is a decent EP which kick starts their career like a big fuck off needle of adrenaline to the heart. If ‘Reborn’ is Rig Time! Dipping their toe in the water then this is a great way to build from.

"kick starts their career like a big fuck off needle of adrenaline to the heart"

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