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Reign of Glory – ‘All Will Bow’

Roxx Records
Armored Saint, Riot, Savatage, Riot V, Manowar
Release Date
August 12, 2022
Roxx Records
Melodic/Power Metal

People take a break from the musical industry for lots of reasons from with families, financial security and burn out being amongst some of the most common. Robyn Kyle Basauri, known for his work with Red Sea and Die Happy is back in the saddle after some time away with a new project Reign of Glory who deliver a range of melodic/power metal band with their debut album ‘All Will Bow’.

                Reign of Glory isn’t all about Basauri, alongside the vocalist is colossal bassist Roger Dale Martin from Die Happy and Vengeance Rising alongside the drums of Jim Chaffin of The Crucified fame with the guitarist slot filled by Nick Layton from FireWolfe. This means that the calibre of musicianship is really high and ‘All Will Bow’ is a demonstration of what this band is all about. Yet, this isn’t just run of the mill standard power metal in the European way; instead, ‘All Will Bow’ drives forward with that American power metal style where tracks such as ‘Forever and Ever’, ‘Samson’s Kryptonite’ and ‘Writing on the Wall’ have all the appeal of Riot V, Savatage and Armored Saint whilst also beating its chest to the power of Manowar.

                What Reign of Glory deliver with ‘All Will Bow’ is something which kicks ass. There isn’t anything that hasn’t been done before, but who cares? This is a great album of melodic/power metal that hits the spot and provides a fantastic bedrock for this band to build from.

"‘All Will Bow’ is something which kicks ass"

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