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Zombi – ‘Zombi & Friends, Volume 1’

Relapse Records
Steve Moore, Goblin, Majeure, Umberto, Tangerine Dream, Amplifier, Ozric Tentacles
Release Date
Relapse Records
Progressive Rock

It’s time to sit back, grab your favourite beverage, and relax to Zombi’s latest album, Zombi & Friends, Volume 1!

The album is a collection of classic rock ballads that, according to Steve Moore (band member), started as a sort of joke, following the revival of synthwave and other 80’s music styles thanks to the popularity of TV shows like ‘Stranger Things’, but Zombi (and friends) had too much fun and continued their work.

The album opens up with a cover of Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb’s ‘Guilty’ which, although I’m not a fan of Streisand, is a really good cover and somehow manages to come off like a Bee Gees collaboration with David Bowie to make a funky little track. The album starts to really kick off with Zombi’s cover of Sirius/Eye In the Sky by The Alan Parsons Project, and this cover could easily be mistaken for the original, just with cleaner production values. A stranger entry to the album comes with the cover of Frank Stallone’s ‘Take You Back’, most famously from his brother’s film’s soundtrack, Rocky, and is kept as a short and sweet acapella song. The album is finished with an absolutely amazing cover of Neil Diamond’s ‘America’, complete with orchestral intro and all. The vocals are a little more gruff than Neil’s, but this just adds to the epicness of the song.

All in all, this is a very good collection of 80’s rock ballads by a very talented duo (and friends) that you can enjoy, even if you are too young to know the original tracks!

"a very good collection of 80’s rock ballads by a very talented duo"

Come on in!

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