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Restless Spirits – ‘Second to None’

Frontiers Records
Chez Kane, Revolution Saints, Hardline, Perfect Plan, GIANT
Release Date
August 12, 2022
Frontiers Records
Hard/Melodic Rock

The modern rock world is full of genius’, masterminds who are able to dance through multiple projects and this year has Tony Hernando of Lords of Black fame returning with ‘Second to None’, the sophomore album from Restless Spirits.

                What Hernando demonstrates once again is that when it comes to song crafting, the Spanish guitarist is a maestro, not just brilliant at power metal, but with Restless Spirits, Hernando conquers melodic/hard rock too. ‘Second to None’ has once against assembled a veteran cast such as Johnny Gioeli alongside up and coming talents like Chez Kane, Renan Zonta and Kent Hilli who help drive this album forward as tracks such as ‘Need a Lil’ White Lie’, ‘Nothin’ Dirty Here’ and ‘Dirty Money’ show just how enjoyable this band can be. However, there some more eclectic moments, particularly towards the poppier end of the spectrum and especially during the Chez Kane tracks where although Kane delivers a superb performance, it really wouldn’t be out of place on commercial radio which can leave the listener with a bit of a marmite feeling.

                 Yet, ‘Second to None’ is fantastically produced, this is high quality melodic/hard rock that is very enjoyable. It won’t drag in fans from the heavier end of the spectrum, but there will be a baying audience ready to hungrily devour this album.

"high quality melodic/hard rock that is very enjoyable"

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